Digital Packaging

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  • Billions of investments have been made by leaders in the printing industry to develop digital printing.

  • Inkjets are using binary codes to print colors. We can use this binary code as a gate to connect physical products to the digital world.

  • We can make every single product connected.

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  • We have developed a unique, dynamic and complete new marketing experience for users, connecting every physical product to the digital world.

  • Thanks to our technology and patented interfaces, brands can communicate directly with their consumers through their packaging. Each code is not linked with only one content, but with a multimedia certified Circle.

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  • Thanks to one of our partner, Ghelfi Ondulati, we have for example access to one of the only four worldwide available HP PageWide T1100S Press : a high-speed large format color inkjet printer for corrugated cardboard packaging.

  • Water-based HP A50 inks suitable for the food industry.

  • We have a 100 million square meter production capacity available for HARDAH Group.

  • These strong partners are European leaders in their packaging industry.

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  • Create the digital link between the label and the consumer and display information such as product’s other colours, Instagram page, website, influencers' profile, similar products, buy in one click solutions, origin, advising video, track and trace or advertising and sponsors.

  • The brand can monitor, publish, modify or delete their public Circles on our B2B dashboard HARDAH Business.

  • Feel free to contact us for a demo